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There’s so many reason why, whether it’s for residential or commercial use, that drywall is such a common and popular option. Installing it is quick and easy, and clean, it’s safe as it offers good fire resistance and it’s also a great way to reduce outside noise giving its noise reducing qualities. If this sounds good to you, we are the drywall Virginia Beach service that can help you take full advantage of all that drywall has to offer.We provide quality installation services for both residential and commercial needs, as well as a wide selection of other drywall services.

About Us

Our service is dedicated to providing the best range of drywall services for the most affordable prices. With the help of our team, you can either install or repair drywall in your residential or commercial interior space. With our affordable prices, getting the best finished product from the most experienced service doesn’t have to come at a major cost. All of this is why we are the team to call if you need any drywall services. So, if you are looking to install new drywall or need damaged repaired, just call the team you know gets the high standard results you want.

Our Services

Our selection of drywall services is truly comprehensive. So, if there’s something you need done, we can take care of it. We are a quality drywall installer that can provide a finished product that lives up to the standards that you expect. We are also the drywall contractor that can handle drywall repair, drywall replacement, drywall finishing and so much more. We even offer related services such as plaster repair and popcorn removal. So, if your require any drywall plastering services, you know we’ve always got you covered and are here to provide just what you need.

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Drywall Installation

One the main services that our team provides is drywall installation. Our service offers both residential drywall installation and commercial drywall installation, and can handle both residential drywall framing and commercial drywall framing as part of this process. With a great drywall installation cost, there’s no service that out there that offers quality at our price. As part of the installation process we can even take care of drywall finishing, including drywall taping and floating, and anything else that’s required to provide you with the best finished product.

Drywall Repair

Drywall repair is another major focus our service. Your drywall can experience damage in a few different ways, whether it’s the result of minor accidents or external issues, such as a leaking pipe. We know how to fix a hole in the wall, repair cracks and even deal with serious water damage. So, whether you need a leaking drywall repair service, to deal with drywall water damage or mold, or need someone who can provide quality drywall patch work, our repair team has got all that you need.

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Drywall Hanging

Drywall hanging is one of the drywall installation techniques that our team employs. The benefit of drywall hanging is that it’s quick and clean, and can provide you with the quality drywall you need in a relatively short period of time. This not only reduces hassle caused by installation, but also makes drywall an incredibly cost effective choice, as our team aren’t required on site as long, either during or after installation, reducing upfront labor costs. This service also includes Sheetrock hanging.

Plaster Repair

Our expertise covers more than just drywall. That’s because, along with drywall, our team also has experience when it comes to plaster walls. As such, plaster repair is also part of the comprehensive range of repair services that we offer. Although durable, plaster can experience a few different kinds of damage, anything from minor cracks and holes to serious problems like water damage. Whatever the problem, we know how to restore your plaster work so that it maintains its high level of appeal.

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Ceiling Repair

Ceiling repair is just one more of the quality repair services that our team is here to provide for your home or business. Home accidents and general wear and tear can impact your ceiling just as much as your walls. Like our other repair services, our ceiling repair service can effectively restore your ceiling whether it’s experienced problems with cracks, holes or even water damage. Our ceiling services don’t end with repair, though. We can also handle things like popcorn removal too.

Texture Matching

Texture matching is another important service we provide. This is the process of ensuring that any repair work, especially drywall patches, is textured or finished to match the rest of your drywall, so that it doesn’t stand out and ruin its appeal. With our ability to effectively texture match, you can be sure that any repair work done will be a perfect match for the existing finish or texture of your drywall. We provide results so seamless that you won’t even remember where the damage occurred.

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Our Process
Installing or total replacement of drywalls is not easy stuff and can only be done properly by professional drywall companies. And we at Virginia Beach Drywall Pros have the right workforce and experience to offer you the best services. Here we’ll describe how we go through a series of complex processes to install sheetrock and deal with them professionally. As we all know, drywalls are hung against ceiling joists and their main point is to create a flat surface to cover for a better finishing with paint. There are several processes that need to be gone through before installing drywall on your property and we make sure not to leave any kind of mistakes so that your sheetrock stay functional for years without being damaged easily.

Ceiling Drywall
It goes without saying but the process always starts with your appointment and preferred schedules. We do complete inspections on your property before coming up with a proper strategy of our own on how we’ll go through the entire process. As usual, our first big step is strategizing about fitting ceiling drywall. The first big step is to position the first sheet of thick drywall against the ceiling and we go through this process for every corner in the room we’re working on first. The first sheet of sheetrock is usually ⅝ inch thick and we have to screw it through the drywall into your room’s ceiling joists using screw guns for the most precision. Needless to say that our workforce is well equipped with the latest cutting edge tools to make your project more convenient for our workers while saving your time. We then get an accurate measurement of the next ceiling section where we’ll install the second piece of sheetrock. We then use some precision tools to cut or bend the sheets according to the measurement we’ve taken and break separate ones as per the measurements.

Wall Drywall
Like the ceiling drywall, we also measure wall sheetrock first which goes without saying. But for installing wall, we don’t use ⅝ inches thick drywall. Instead, we use ½ inch thick drywall against the walls. And because of the thickness, we can’t use screws to stick our sheets against the walls. We use nails instead of screws and drywall hammers for the most efficiency. We install the nails every 8 inches which is the appropriate measurement for installing wall drywall. And of course, for cutting wall sheets, we obviously use appropriate cutting accessories instead of just using a utility knife which would be less effective on these thick sheets.

Taping Drywall
Our professionals use fiberglass fused sticky-sided mesh tapes instead of using paper tapes since these are obviously more effective than paper tapes. We unroll the mesh tape and cut it accurately to the length of the drywall joint so that nothing stays uncovered. Of course, we use the utility knife to fix the edges of the meeting point of different sheetrock sections so that it doesn’t mess with the other sheets.

Finishing Up
We then pour drywall compounds into rectangular trays and use a drywall knife to scoop them over the side. We apply all the compounds properly and let them dry. It takes about 24 hours for it to completely dry and then comes the sanding part. We use fine sandpapers with other sanding accessories on the dry compound to make them smooth. We can also make it suitable for customizing paintings or other textures you might suggest.

What Our Customers Are Saying.

“They made the whole process of installation so smooth and easy. They offer a truly hassle-free experience.”
- Henry. W
“Their team are obviously experienced. They provide real results and are so affordable.”
- Catherine. R
“Their repair team were quick and really provided amazing, lasting results.”
- Ryan. G
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With our service offering a truly comprehensive range of drywall services, we are the team to call no matter the work you need done. Our quality team can install drywall for both residential and commercial needs, as well as providing drywall repair and further related services. We provide results that are always of the highest standard and sure to provide you with the best possible long term value. What more could you ask for? So, call us now.